Our Stories

English type: British English

Levels: 6

CEFR: <A1-A2

GSE: 10-35

Ages: 6-11 years

Hours per week: 1-3 per week


Tapa de Our Stories Level 1

Our Stories

Our Stories is a six-level series for primary school learners, ages 6 to 11, which focuses on educating the individual as a whole and in so doing, helping them become active and involved 21st century citizens. 

  • Stories help learners construct meaning and use language naturally while learning about other cultures.
  • 21st Century skills are actively developed in all the activities and projects.
  • STEAM Challenges provide great opportunities for learners to explore, experiment and create while having fun.
  • Dyslexic-friendly features and layout provide support for dyslexic learners.

Aligned to the Global Scale of English