Dream Makers

English type: American English

Levels: 6

CEFR: <A1-A2+

GSE: 10-37

Is it for me?

Dream Makers is an elementary education series featuring six levels of American English that includes engaging and fun activities designed to inspire and prepare students for the challenges of today's world.

Diversity and inclusion are themes that are addressed throughout the series by means of illustrations, images, and activities. Ethnic, cultural, and physical differences are approached from an inclusive perspective.

The colors and typeface design are oriented to facilitate learning for people with attention deficit and visual impairments.

What does Dream Makers offer?

Watch ! Learn ! Do! 

The content is presented, discussed, and practiced so that students can work autonomously, testing their own knowledge.


The "Values" section aims to raise awareness through interaction and promote the development of values such as kindness, responsibility, the importance of sharing, and others through short activities and discussions.

Social, Life & Future Skills

The development of these skills prepares students to be part of a wider and more inclusive world, encouraging them to be active members of global and local communities.


The Projects section develops interpersonal skills such as teamwork, leadership, and creativity through projects and practical activities.


The videos contextualize and facilitate the review of the contents learned in each unit in a dynamic and entertaining way. They are accessible online, downloadable, and have integrated subtitles.

Family Guide

This is an additional resource that allows families to keep track of their children and actively participate in the students' learning process. The content is available in English and Spanish, allowing teachers to share it free of language limitations.


The clear and detailed material provides a variety of tools to make it easy to apply in the classroom. The Lesson Plans section offers planning suggestions for adapting the book and its resources to classroom dynamics and time intensity.

It includes CLIL activities that allow students to expand their knowledge in other topics or subjects, such as mathematics, science, art, among others. In addition, games and quizzes are included, providing the teacher with a set of resources to keep students engaged and participating.

Recommended Tests

Track Progress

English Benchmark - Young Learners


Pearson English International Certificate - Young Learners