Step Up

English type: American English

Levels: 6


GSE: 34-84

For adults to improve their employability skills to get their first job, secure a promotion, find a different job, re-enter the workforce after an absence or change fields.

Step Up

Step Up provides learners with the skills to succeed in a competitive job market while developing their English language skills

Step Up offers two ways to learn: a self-study course or a self-study course combined with a teacher-led class. Learners develop English language skills through practice in listening, reading, and notetaking skills, pronunciation practice and employability skills practice.

Each Step Up level takes students 18 hours to complete as a self-study course, though this may vary as it is self-paced. The teacher-led course provides 14 hours of class time, with additional resources and extension activities available in the Teaching Notes, which would extend class time.

Although the course emphasizes employability skills, Step Up also develops English language skills by providing vocabulary instruction and practice, listening, reading and notetaking skills, pronunciation practice and discussion strategies.

Why choose Step Up?

  • Build employability skills to succeed in the global job market.
  • Digital-first approach to teaching employability skills
  • Self-study: 18 hours, teacher-led and self-study: 32 hours

Step Up is now supported by Credly

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