Poptropica English American Edition

English type: American English

Levels: 6

CEFR: Pre-A1-A2+

GSE range: 14-36

Ages: 6-12 years

Suitable for: Primary students

Make learning English an unforgettable adventure!

Poptropica English American English

Is it for me?

Poptropica English makes learning English an unforgettable adventure! 

Welcome to Poptropica English, a six-level primary English series that engages young learners like never before. The unique combination of beautiful in-class materials and fun-filled online activities, songs and games creates a world of excitement and adventure that kids won’t want to leave. 

Empower and engage young learners

  • Empowers students, putting them at the heart of the learning experience
  • Engages learners, sparking imaginations through captivating characters and online adventures
  • Evaluates student performance through integrated formative assessment
  • Elevates learning to a whole new level to get results

Poptropica English Word Games

Play in a world populated with Poptropica English characters where learning English vocabulary is easy and fun. Build towns and compete in exciting games.

Poptropica English Family Readers

Watch your favorite Poptropica English books come to life. Engaging animations and interaction make Family Readers an essential app for your tablet.

Poptropica English World

Poptropica English offers a unique, first-of-its-kind component, Poptropica English World. 


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