Speakout 3rd Edition

English type: British English

Levels: 8


GSE: 22-90

Suitable for: Adult students

Authors: Antonia Clare, JJ Wilson, Frances Eales, Steve Oakes, Lindsay Warwick, Sheila Dignen, Lynda Edwards

Real English in your classroom.

Speakout 3rd Edition

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Speakout 3rd Edition is the new edition of Pearson’s best-selling, eight-level general English course for adults. Developed in partnership with BBC Studios.

Speakout 3rd Edition is the go-to course for teachers looking for comprehensive four-skills coverage, with a particular emphasis on developing learners’ confidence in speaking.

Speakout 3rd Edition is the result of extensive research with users of Speakout 2nd Edition from around the world. It builds on the tried-and-tested methodology of the series, but has been brought up to date with 100% new content, a revised syllabus based on the Global Scale of English and a fresh new look and feel. The enhanced digital environment offers even more flexibility for online and hybrid use, with all activities from the eBook and the Online Practice reporting to the gradebook. Learners can also benefit from innovative speech recognition technology for out-of-class speaking practice and feedback. A1 contains separate Sounds and Spelling lessons to help learners with sound recognition, pronunciation and writing, and from A2 there are integrated skills for employability including mediation lessons and future skills training to help learners prepare for the changing world of work.

Speakout 3rd Edition is fully accessible on your computer, tablet and mobile phone so that you can enjoy the full functionality of the course wherever you are.

Aligned to the Global Scale of English

Speakout 3rd Ed - GSE

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