Big English Plus British English

English type: British English

Levels: 7


Ages: 6-12 years

Hours: Up to 10 per week

Authors: Mario Herrera, Christopher Sol Cruz

Think big! Dream big!

Big English

Is it for me?

Why is Big English Plus great?

- Gives teachers all they need to deliver up to 10 hours of classroom teaching per week.

- Engages students with a variety of cross curricular and real world content, encouraging them to discover the world around them through English.

- Develops essential 21st Century Skills via challenging activities that build communication, critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving skills.

- Ongoing assessment encourages students to understand and take responsibility for their own learning.

What’s Bigger in Big English Plus?

- Challenges students with longer, more complex texts, more grammar and new vocabulary.

- Engages students with more authentic reading and activities based on a variety of real world content.

- Develops 21st Century Skills with more challenging activities that require collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

- Builds confidence in taking exams by more frequent exposure to exam style tasks and formats.

Who is Big English for?


Who want to achieve good grades, to make their parents proud and to use English in everyday life.


Who want evidence of their child’s achievement, success at exams and future life.


Who need 6+ hours of teaching materials that engage and motivate students and are easy to use in a busy schedule.

Private Language Schools

With high achievement aspirations, who need a cost effective course and good student exam results.

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