iSucceed in English

English type: British English

Levels: 5

CEFR: A1-B1+

GSE: 16-54

Ages: 13-18 years

iSucceed in English

Is it for me?

iSucceed in English

Featuring highly captivating content unique to any Pearson secondary course, including videos, games and quizzes, iSucceed in English uses an inspiring learning framework built on the UN Sustainable Development Goals to engage and motivate teenage learners.

Get set up for success in studies and life with exams, future skills, cultural content, and more

iSucceed in English supports teenage learners as they grow and explore the evolving world around them.

The unique UN Sustainable Development Goals framework builds learners' citizenship skills, promoting positive values and encourages learners to be part of creating a more sustainable future. Culture and CLIL content with signposted UN goals raises awareness of global issues and helps to develop learners' critical thinking abilities.

Each unit has exam training content seamlessly built-in, to increase learners' confidence when facing a range of exams, including Pearson English International Certificate, Cambridge English exams and more.

The course helps learners develop peer-to-peer and independent learning skills with a focus on mediation in the 'learn-to-learn' activities.

iSucceed in English is also mapped to Pearson English Benchmark Test, empowering you to personalize learning recommendations at scale.

Why choose iSucceed in English?

  • Built around the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Introduces and enhances life skills with real-life tasks and stories
  • Includes video content for every key learning strand with more than 30 videos per level

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