Light Up

English type: British English 

Levels: 5

GSE: 12-46

Suitable for: Teenagers

Light Up

Is it for me?

Light Up emPOWERS your students through: 

  • 21st Century skills development. Collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity are an integral part of the series. 
  • Meaningful use of the language. Learners will use English in meaningful contexts and with real communication purposes through step by-step unit projects ending with group outcomes. 
  • The development of learner autonomy, by means of a guided discovery of their own learning and of how that learning is construed. 
  • Comprehensive education. There are plenty of instances of intra and interpersonal skills development through the reflection on Social and Emotional aspects (SEL), ESI (Comprehensive Sexuality Education), inclusion (IC), values, among others. 

Blended Learning with Light Up 

Light Up highly supports the fact that learning a language is a unique and personal experience for every single student. Providing students with a variety of learning environments that may open up a whole new world of opportunities: appealing to different learning styles and catering for individual needs can definitely facilitate their language acquisition. 

We believe that students should be granted the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Blended learning may turn out to be an ally in this sense, helping overcome certain time constraints and giving students the possibility of learning anywhere, anytime. Technology has also been proven to foster autonomous learning. 

With the Student’s Pack, your students will get free access to MyEnglishLab (MEL) platform, which provides them with: 

  • Interactive online activities with instant feedback and embedded audio 
  • Motivating hints and tips to encourage and support learning