Ana María Casta

About us

The learner is at the heart of everything we do at Pearson. Every action, every decision, every process, and every investment we make is driven by the pursuit of better outcomes for learners.

Our ambition has always been to help people make progress in their lives through learning. We know how big a difference education can make to individual learners and whole economies across the world, so we want to make sure that the part we play in improving learner outcomes has the biggest possible impact.

This is what we call ’efficacy’: creating a measurable impact on life through learning.

We want everything we do to be focused on learners and to know that all of our products and services are making difference. Efficacy is more than just passing an exam, it gifts learner with the knowledge and skills they need for the career they desire and enrich their life by doing so.


  • Assess every product and service to ensure that they deliver the intended learner outcomes
  • Report on our success in achieving efficacy so that we hold ourselves accountable to our goals
  • Conduct research and encourage debate in order to develop evidence-based products and services that improve learner outcomes
  • Partner with learners, educators and institutions to help them succeed.

Learning is a life-changing opportunity, and we all want to deliver the best possible outcomes for students of all ages. Your impact on the development of our products and services can be even bigger now – YOU can get involved in an efficacy review, or simply share your feedback with us.