English type: International English

Levels: 3 


GSE: 56-84

Hours: 10-15 per week

Teaching has never been easier!


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Imaginarium is a K-9 program centered around Literacy, Learning, and Life Skills that integrates an excellent hard skill reading program based on substantial years of text research alongside detailed soft skill development. Each step brings these three skill areas together to support students as they use and develop Print Literacy and Digital Literacy, learning essential standards-based content, alongside Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Citizenship and Character, transferable 21st Century Skills.

Imaginarium has all its materials available in both digital and print format and can be taught 100% digital or also applied in a hybrid classroom, so that the teacher can decide how best to give the class, as well as assess and review students’ advances. All interactive activities in the Student Books, including weekly assessments, are reported via a centralized dashboard allowing the teacher to store grades easily and give efficient personalized feedback throughout the school year. Teaching has never been easier!

Recommended Tests

Placement Test

Level Test

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English Benchmark


Pearson English International Certificate

Readiness Test