Focus Second Edition

English type: British English

Levels: 5


GSE: 32-78

Suitable for: Upper secondary

Hours: 3-5 per week

Authors: Sue Kay, Vaughan Jones

Success in and out of the classroom.

Pearson Focus

Is it for me?

Focus Second Edition is an even richer version of the best-selling English language learning series for upper secondary students. The new course retains the best of the first edition – a unique vocabulary building program and the 3Ms methodology. It enhances this with BBC video content and more thorough Use of English preparation, to offer everything teachers and students need to achieve success, in and out of the classroom.

With Focus Second Edition students will be motivated and engaged by the authentic content; they will be strong in all language and life skills, and prepared well for achieving great exam results.

Responding to students’ and teachers’ needs

Focus Second Edition retains what students and teachers highly valued in the first edition, and enhances it with authentic video content, including BBC videos and Focus vlogs.

This valuable, up-to-date content, along with plenty of new ideas and improvements, make the new edition a perfect fit for today’s teenagers and their busy teachers.

Focus Second Edition
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