Wider World British Edition

English type: British English 

Levels: 5

CEFR: Pre-A1-B1+

GSE: 10-55

Suitable for: Teenagers

Hours: Each level provides material for 72–120 hours of teaching

Authors: Bob Hastings, Stuart McKinlay, Carolyn Barroclough, Suzanne Gaynor, Kathryn Alevizos

Using English to access a Wider World of knowledge, skills and experience.

Wide World

Is it for me?

Using English to access a Wider World of knowledge, skills and experience

Wider World reflects the way that today’s teens access information and entertainment: from the internet, using personal devices such as tablets, laptops and mobiles. The content and the style in which it is presented is designed to inspire and challenge teenagers.

By interacting with the content, rather than just practising, students acquire the language at a deeper cognitive level. Rather than just another subject on the curriculum, English becomes the tool through which they access a Wider World of knowledge, skills and experience. 

Wider World is the portal to a fascinating world of English language knowledge and skills for the 21st century learners. The combination of authentic and engaging videos from the BBC with Pearson’s ELT expertise gives teenage learners everything they need to achieve their goals in the wider world. 


Humorous dramas, intriguing BBC Culture and BBC Vox Pop videos provide inspiring content and motivate students to use English as it is really spoken. 


Numerous opportunities for interaction with real life content across print and digital formats allow students to develop their language skills at a deeper cognitive level. 


Thoroughly researched and challenging content delivered within the Assessment for Learning principles improves students’ chances for exam success.