Now I know!

English type: International English (a mix of British and American)

Levels: 6

CEFR: Pre-A1-B1+

GSE: 19-58 

Ages: 6-12 years

Hours: 9+ per week

Authors: Annie Altamirano, Fiona Beddall, Annette Flavel, Tessa Lochowski, Jeanne Perrett, Mark Roulston, Mary Roulston

Children love asking questions.

Now I Know

Is it for me?

Children love asking questions

Now I Know! builds on children’s natural curiosity, in an exciting learning environment centred around big questions. Each new challenge takes learners through a staged process of inquiry, supported by varied real-world content from BBC video.

New language, new knowledge and new skills are learnt through exciting real-world tasks bringing measurable results at every stage. 

What makes Now I Know special?

  • Authentic BBC video (using CBBC clips) in openers and throughout every unit. Each level contains around 48 video clips (4 per Unit).
  • Big Questions provided as unit titles give meaningful context for conversation and language tasks.
  • 21st Century Skills embedded throughout the course help students develop essential skills for life and support classroom management.
  • Mapped to the Global Scale of English. GSE descriptors are used as objectives and for self-assessment in every unit, so it’s easy to track progress.
  • 2 reading texts per unit: 1 fictional (presenting values) and 1 factual (helping students learn about the world)
  • Speaking strategies from Level 1 help students develop all aspects of communication from the earliest stages of learning English.
  • Now I Know! page provides tasks to consolidate information gathered on the Big Question as well review language objectives. 
  • Exam practice for PTE YL, CYL, Key and Preliminary exams. Can also be used with Benchmark English.

Recommended Tests

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