High Note

English type: British English

Levels: 5


GSE: 30-85

Ages: 16-18 years

Hours: 100-168+

Authors: Rachael Roberts, Bob Hastings, Lynda Edwards, Daniel Brayshaw, Stuart McKinlay

Skills for now and the future.

High Note

Is it for me?

Skills for now and the future 

High Note is a dynamic and intensive course for upper-secondary students that bridges the gap between school reality and young adult life. 

Carefully designed to inspire modern teenagers and help them fulfil their ambitious goals, the course equips students with language skills together with life and career competencies that are indispensable to succeed in exams, future workplace and in the 21st century society. 

Who is it for? 

  • Students who 
    are eager to communicate fluently and accurately in a wide variety of authentic situations, 
  • aim at scoring high in school leaving exams and at improving their academic and employability perspectives, 
  • are interested in discovering how the English language works, enjoy talking about contemporary issues, and like culture and literature. 

Teachers who 

  • prepare ambitious students for exams and future careers, 
  • are eager to teach students not only the language but also develop their life skills, 
  • can spend more time on developing speaking skills and lead discussions on literature, cultural or social issues. 

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Pearson EnglishInternational Certificate