Practice Tests Plus: Cambridge English Qualifications

Levels: 7

CEFR: Pre-A1-C1

Authors: Marcella Banchetti, Rosemary Aravanis, Kathryn Alevizos, Elaine Boyd, Sharon Ashton, Joanna Kosta, Helen Chilton, Mark Litte, Helen Tiliouine, Michael Black, Russell Whitehead, Nick Kenny, Lucrecia Luque-Mortimer, Jacky Newbrook

Provides focused exam training to familiarize learners with the task types, question formats and style of the Cambridge Exam test papers.

Practice Tests Plus

Is it for me?

Lots of practice with hints and guidance on approaching different exam tasks

  • New editions feature unique resources that include Speaking Test videos of candidates with examiners, plus extra material for classroom use.
  • Helps learners become more familiar and confident with the task types, question formats and style of the test papers.