Hashtag English

English type: American English

Levels: 6

CEFR: <A1 - B2

GSE: 20-69

Ages: 13-18 years

High Note

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Developing autonomous learners

Hashtag English is a six-level course for lower-and upper-secondary students. Today's youth have never known a world without technology and are therefore considered socially aware, engaged with global events, and potential agents for change in a world that is constantly renewing itself.

Hashtag English targets these students by providing thought provoking content that acknowledges their ability to observe and change the world around them, while taking a light-hearted and fun approach that is age appropriate.

For teachers, Hashtag English provides concise step-by-step teaching notes with additional information to deepen teachers' and students' knowledge. Variations for hybrid and online instruction are provided so teachers can confidently use the course in a variety of teaching methods.

Why choose Hashtag English?

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

Hashtag English's learning objective were developed in accordance with Bloom's Taxonomy, which is a hierarchical classification of how students acquire and develop knowledge.

  • Development of sustainable goals and future skills

The Hashtag English series was developed based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from UNESCO. Each unit in Hastag English is orientes aroung an SDG, giving students the opportunity to learn language related to the topic and to think critically about the current and possible future situation

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