Look Wide

English type: British English 

Levels: 4

GSE: 12-39

Suitable for: Teenagers

Authors: B. Hastings, S. McKinlay, L. Corradi & G. Rosetti.

Look Wide

Is it for me?

Look Wide. Think Wide. Learn Wide.

Look Wide is a 4-level series for 11 to 15-year-olds with a unique combination of education, culture and language for 21st Century students. Accessibility, flexibility and compliance with curricular requirements are other key values that add to make Look Wide the ideal choice for your secondary school students.

What makes Look Wide unique?

It focuses on students' learning.

Look Wide presents a wider perspective of the world, culture and education. Up-to-date topics and engaging tasks and activities will help learners raise awareness on different issues and develop language competence. Look Wide contributes to the leaners’ construction of citizenship, to their understanding of their role in society at present and in the future, and above all, it focuses on education for peace.

The digital learning tools give teachers and students a 21 st century learning experience. Students feel empowered to take control of their learning and teachers can save on preparation time and monitor class progress.

It focuses also on teachers' needs.

Look Wide offers plenty of flexibility. Teachers are provided with flexible lessons to cater for diversity, different needs and different learning styles in the classroom.

Look Wide is ideal for teachers who need stimulating material for secondary school teaching with a solid and motivating approach. Activities and topics proposed in Look Wide are connected to students' interests and realities. Effective lessons and achievable learning outcomes ensure students can use real English with confidence.