Hey Friends!

English type: British English

Levels: 5

Suitable for: 6 - 11

GSE: 11-30

Hours per week: 1 - 3

Authors: by F. Foster, B. Brown, A. Verdelli & Ma. S. Cormick

Hey Friends!

Is it for me?


Hey Friends! is a dynamic, solid and fun series for Primary pupils with 1 to 3 periods of English a week. Designed to encourage the pupils’ learning of English as a social adventure while learning about their own and other cultures.

Hey Friends! fosters the development of critical thinking skills, values and social skills while adhering to the national and local curricula. Set in a fun and entertaining environment, this series is full of songs, games and the powerful combination of fantasy and reality.

Key features

  • coverage of all curriculum requirements
  • workbook integrated with the student’s book
  • students’ digital competences fostered through the digital companion
  • levels A and B presented in capital letters – ideal for early grades!

Hey Friends! comes in five levels with two possible entry points. Each level has been carefully prepared and designed to develop the language skills of each child with the most suitable activities and exercises for all ages and cognitive levels.

The digital companion offers the perfect learning tool. It includes a variety of activities to give teachers and students a 21st century learning experience.

Pupil autonomy is fostered through a careful presentation of different sections in the books.

Check Let's Read and Write in levels B 1 and 2, Portfolio in levels 1 and 2 and Reflection Corner in levels 1, 2 and 3. Hey Friends! is fun, achievable, meaningful and aligned with the curricula.

Recommended Tests

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