Pearson Longman Keystone 2013

Pearson Longman Keystone is a multi-level reading and language development program that accelerates students’ academic achievement through scaffolded, sustained instruction and language development strategies.

- Accelerates academic vocabulary acquisition through explicit instruction.

- Develops transferable, cross-curricular academic skills through connected learning opportunities.

- Provides an easy-to-use road map to academic success.

Pearson Longman Keystone builds student capacity by focusing on both language proficiency and academic knowledge. Explicit lessons accelerate language acquisition, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and oral and written communication skills.

Sample material

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Keystone Grade A 9780132394420  
Keystone Grade B 978013239444  
Keystone Grade C 9780132394451  
Keystone Grade D 9780131582583  
Keystone Grade E 9780131582576  
Keystone Grade F 9780131582590  
Pearson Longman Keystone 2013