Pearson Longman Cornerstone 2013

Pearson Longman Cornerstone is a proven, standards-based program for students in aged 5-11 focused on learning English and achieving academic success simultaneously. It provides explicit, intensive and focused instruction that accelerates students’ language acquisition and reading comprehension skills.

  • Accelerates academic vocabulary acquisition through explicit instruction.
  • Develops transferable academic skills through Understanding by Design® and connected learning.
  • Provides an easy-to-use roadmap to lifelong academic success.
  • Blends rigorous, research-based reading and language skills instruction together with a balance of content-area readings and age-appropriate, high-interest stories.

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Research and Validity - Get impressive results 

Pearson Longman Cornerstone has been shown to dramatically increase students’ achievement across all skill areas. Watch the YouTube video and hear directly from the teachers who participated in the pilot.

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Pearson Longman Cornerstone 2013