Jamboree Storytime

Give your youngest children the best start in learning English

Jamboree Storytime is an exciting, interactive and play-based series designed to introduce the English language to children aged 3-5. Little Books, Big Books, e-books, interactive games with sing-along karaoke and Activity Books with Stickers combine to make storytime come to life.

  • Shared reading takes place through Big Books, corresponding Little Books and the e-books.
  • Children enjoy learning through games and puzzles in the Activity Books with Stickers. These are accompanied by a FREE Activity Guide for Teachers and Parents, which is available for download here.
  • E-books and video storytelling on the CD-ROMs help develop pupils’ listening and reading skills, while fun games and activities with audio feedback improve vocabulary and pronunciation. Available in an American and British accent.
  • Puppets help children engage with language through role play.


Available titles


I Looked Thru The Window Little Book

ISBN: 9780435903923


Shark in the Park Little Book

ISBN: 9780435903930


Baa Boom Little Book

ISBN: 9780435903893


The Monster Pet Little Book

ISBN: 9780435903916


Splash in the Ocean Little Book

ISBN: 9780435903855


Cat and Monkey´s Tail Little Book

ISBN: 9780435903862


Noisy Monkey Little Book

ISBN: 9780435903886


I Wish I Had a Monster Little Book

ISBN: 9780435903909


Five Little Ducks Little Book

ISBN: 9780435903824

Jamboree Storytime