Reading Street Common Core Global Edition 2016

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Reading Street™ Common Core, Global Edition ©2016 inspires you, guides you, and prepares you to teach. Every lesson is finely tuned to teach the Common Core State Standards (CSSS). It will validate your current practices, spark new insights, and nurture your love of teaching.

Common Core 101

Reading Street Common Core helps you prioritize instruction to support higher levels of reading and writing.

- Increase text complexity in reading

- Provide accessible rigor

- Balance fiction and informational texts

- Build content-area knowledge

- Emphasize close reading

- Focus on informative/explanatory, argumentative/opinion, and narrative writing

- Implement performance assessmentsIntegrate media and 21st century skills

Love to teach!

Reading Street Common Core, Global Edition ©2016 helps you teach with confidence and assurance. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards,it helps prioritize instruction to support higher levels of reading and writing and makes the increased expectations of the Common Core attainable.

- Increase text complexity in reading.

- Provide accessible rigor.

- Build content-area knowledge. 

- Balance fiction and informational texts.

- Emphasize close reading. 

- Focus on informative/explanatory, argumentative/opinion, and narrative.

Introducing the Realize platform

Pearson realize

Love to Learn! 

An amazing way to learn, and an incredible way to teach. Realize engages students like nothing else. Reading Street Common Core, Global Edition ©2016 can be accessed anywhere, any time, and on any device – plus it can be personalized! 

- eTexts - Read, take notes, listen to narration. 

- Videos, Games, and Animations - Practice, watch, sing, play! 

- Leveled Text Search - Search by Lexile, Guided Reading, and DRA levels. 

- Online Assessment - Assess online, access instant reports, inform instruction. 

- Digital Workspace - Interact directly through typing, writing, or drawing. Build a digital portfolio.

Online resources for Reading Street Common Core, Global Edition 2016 are available via Realize.  Content is available anywhere, any time and on any device. Plus, all content can be personalized and suited to any classroom.

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Love to read!

Introducing Reading Street Sleuth. Good readers search for clues when they read. They ask questions. They examine the evidence, draw conclusions, and make their case. Written specifically for the Common Core edition, Sleuth asks students to unlock the mysteries of complex text and become thoughtful and curious readers.

- Short selections with higher, grade-level readability.

- Increasingly challenging literary and informational content.

- All students have access through scaffolded instruction.

- Weekly opportunities for close reading and performance tasks.


What’s new?

- Full support for the Common Core State Standards make the increased expectations achievable.

- Reading Street Sleuth develops reading detectives and adds to the breadth of lovable literary and informational texts.

- Writing to Sources encourages students to dig deeper and write with text based evidence. Students will write to a text, compare texts, and write across texts using all three modes of writing.

- Online access to incredible teaching and learning resources, anytime, anywhere, using the powerful new Realize platform.

Reading Street Common Core Global Edition 2016