Move It!

By Fiona Beddall, Carolyn Barraclough, Katherine Stannett and Jayne Wildman

Ideal for your students´ language learning journey.

Move It! is a four-level American English course with a complete print and digital learning package. Multiple options for dynamic, personalized classes motivate today’s 21st century teenagers, whatever their learning styles.

  • First course for teenagers fully implementing 21st Century Learning & Teaching prepares students to succeed in the contemporary world.
  • Ideal for mixed-ability classes, the course personalizes the learning process.
  • Complete Assessment Package to monitor students’ learning process.
  • Rich modern media package saves teachers' time and captures students’ attention.

Why choose Move It?

Prepares teens for today's world using 21st Century Learning approach.

21st Century Skills
Students use print and digital media to learn to filter and analyze information. They develop logical thinking skills and creativity, collaborate on projects and assess their own work.

21st Century Content
Students work with interesting and up-to-date materials, including cross-curricular topics. They investigate global themes such as the environment,trade and poverty.

21st Century Tools
The course provides learning tools in the media that teenagers use every day, such as websites, videos, audio, cell phone apps and games.

21st Century Context
Throughout the course, the focus is on the student. Personalized pathways allow students to optimize their learning outcomes.

Help all students to succeed

Varied tasks make the most of students' multiple intelligences and different learning styles.

Brain Trainers, projects and graded exercises in the Workbook cater to mixed-ability classes.

Individual grade reports in MyEnglishLab help to personalize learning for students.


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For pupils

  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook with MP3 Audio
  • Also available Student’s Book with MEL

For teachers

  • Teachers' Book
  • Teacher’s Resource and Tests Multi-ROM
  • Class Audio CDs