English type: British English

Levels: 4


Ages: 15-19 years

Suitable for: Upper secondary

Authors: Michael Harris, Anna Sikorzynska

Explore your choices.

Choices Pearson Secondary

Is it for me?


It's all about choices… making informed choices

- Strong strand of choice throughout the course to personalise the learning experience, depending on student profiles and needs.

- Authentic video clips from BBC and other UK channels engage students and extend topics.

- MyEnglishLab: Choices uses Pearson's tried-and-tested blended learning platform and provides instant feedback and help while measuring individual student and whole class progress.

Not all students are the same. Choose the learning pathway that best suits your class.

Choices gives teachers the flexibility to adjust the course to their students’ individual needs

- Tasks that encourage students to take control over their knowledge and skills development

- Engages teenagers with favourite topics, such as video games and parties, authentic BBC and Channel 4 clips, like the talented Jamie Oliver.

- A digital toolkit to help teachers and learners stay ahead of the game 

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