Global Online Test Preparation

Introducing the Global Online Test Preparation Platform (GOTP), created in partnership with E2Language.

GOTP provides you with all the tools required to transform e-learning into the most engaging and active learning experience. It has logins for students and teachers, and can be used fully online or in the classroom. You will find test preparation content for PTE Academic, IELTS, TOEFL and OET.

Key benefits

For students

  • hundreds of hours of practice material for PTE Academic, IELTS Academic, IELTS General, TOEFL, and OET for nurses/doctors
  • exam strategy and methodology lessons
  • speaking and writing assessments marked by teachers
  • live group classes and 1:1 tutorials and other meetings
  • live class recordings
  • exam vocabulary and skill building course: Test ready
  • pronunciation and speaking course: SpeakingLab

For teachers

  • a teacher-led platform for student success
  • a fully online student management system
  • hundreds of hours of ready-made test prep lessons across all tests and all skills
  • efficient assessment marking with auto-rubrics based on exam criteria
  • automated scoring for reading and listening
  • easy live class and tutorial scheduling
  • internal messaging system for individual students or whole classes/courses
  • at-a-glance analytics to track student performance
  • 'at risk' students are automatically flagged

For administrators

  • teacher management system
  • student management system
  • live class management and scheduling
  • internal messaging system
  • course publishing/offering tools
  • a digital language school in a box