Pearson English Interactive 2.0

A multi-skills, communicative general English course that meets the needs of adult learners to gain confidence speaking English in business, work, teaching and travel. 

  •  Four levels A1 to B2 
  •  Only digital 
  •  American English 
  •  Video-based 
  • 100 hours of online practice and instruction 

 Who’s it for? 

  • Young adults and adults at... 
    - Private Language Schools 
    - Tertiary and Upper Secondary 
    - Adult Programs in the US 
  • for independent study 
  • For experienced and inexperienced teachers, and mentors, both native and non-native. 

What makes it great?

  • With all content online, and short, structured sessions learners can study anytime, anywhere. 
  • Automatic grading gives students their results immediately so they can easily see how they are progressing. 
  • The rich video-based lessons engage learners with an undercurrent of humor, levity and naturalness that involves them in the stories. 
  • The design of the course gives the sense of a human teacher providing guidance, so it’s ideal for self-study, and teacher-led classes. 
  • Teachers can individualize instruction, interacting with students outside of the classroom so that class time can be used for face-to-face interaction. 
  • Institutions can administer this course easily as it is all online, and can offer it on its own or to supplement other courses. 

What’s new in 2.0?

  • Completely new videos with updated scripts, new scenes, cast and look 
  • Closed caption at point of use (on/off option) 
  • Assessment - new CASAS Listening and Reading practice tests 
  • Content updated to reflect video changes and include new video clips for practice 
  • GSE booklets 
  • Completely online - no workbook