English resources for teenage learners

We know that teaching and motivating teenage students is a challenge, so we've matched our English courses and resources to the needs of teenage learners.

Whether its fun digitall tools, edgy illustrations or just lesson plans that feature up-to-the-minute content, our materials will engage your students.

Choose from general English courses to help your students learn, or focus on outcomes with our exam preparation material.


Choices is an Upper Secondary course aimed at 15-19 year olds. It gives teachers the flexibility to choose between different tasks within the core English learning skills and adjust the course to their students' individual needs.



Focus is a rich, varied, carefully levelled course for upper secondary students. Specially designed to motivate older teens, Focus helps students prepare for exam success. With its unique blended learning package, Focus is the flexible course that gets results.


High Note

High Note is a dynamic and intensive course for upper-secondary students that bridges the gap between school reality and young adult life.