Pearson English Active Readers

Integrating skills through reading

Research showed teachers wanted a special series of books that could be used specifically in the classroom with more exercises and project work.

We produced titles with materials allowing teachers to take an integrated skills approach to using readers. All Pearson English Active Readers titles are supported by audio recordings and an interactive MultiROM containing exercises, worksheets and progress tests.


Newspaper Chase


Harry Black steals a million dollar picture and hides it in a newspaper in his room. But Janey is keen on recycling old papers.

ISBN: 9781292108520

Teacher's resources


The Long Road


Rod Smith

Terry Fox has cancer and he has an artificial leg. He runs across Canada for sick children and he gets $10,000,000. Read about his Marathon of Hope, his pain, and his short life. This is the true story of a strong athlete—and a Canadian hero.

ISBN:  9781292196107

Teachers' Resources


Kim’s Choice


Brigit Viney

Kim loves running – and she’s very fast. She works hard at the athletics club and wins more and more prizes. But Kim has to make a difficult choice – and she knows that it will hurt the people who love her most … 

ISBN: 9781405851978