New English Adventure

By Regina Raczynska, Viv Lambert, Cristiana Bruni and Tessa Lochowski 

Motivate to Educate!

- Teach a course that caters to a variety of different learning styles, develops all language learning skills and keeps children interested with a variety of different activities – appropriate to the age of the student.

- Apply the proven instructional sequence of Presentation, Practice and Production with the step by step unit and lesson format with constant recycling and a manageable amount of language.

- Teach the development of values with the help of Disney/Pixar ® characters and stories.

What's New?

- NEW characters from children’s favourite latest Disney/Pixar ® films, including Brave, Cars, Frozen and Tangled.

- NEW DVD that recycles and expands language in an enjoyable way using the videos featuring fun presenters and Disney/Pixar ® characters in five episodes.Each episode has a different, exciting Disney/Pixar ® film clip and a real-life connection.

- NEW Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) lessons in every unit so you can teach children about other cultures and the real world while they’re also learning English.

- A NEW fantastic cartoon in every unit with Disney’s much loved characters – Mickey, Minnie and Goofy – with their original voices and a special EFL voice-over version.

For pupils

- Pupil's Book + DVD
- Activity Book + Song and Stories CD

For teachers

- Teacher's Book Class Audio CDs
- Online Tests Books
- Flashcards
- Story Cards
- Posters