by S. Zervas, C. Bright, J.Croxford, G. Fruen 

Understanding that teenagers today live in a fast-moving, dynamic world governed by new technologies, GoGetter provides learning solutions focused on motivating, inspiring and developing young minds within a positive classroom environment.

A step-by-step learning approach is combined with motivating multimedia that includes authentic BBC videos and interactive activities, and with Assessment for Learning present in all components it means you can be the best you can be - be a GoGetter!

Pearson and the BBC

The partnership between Pearson and the BBC promotes excellence through their high-quality, educational and authentic content that is relevant and motivating for the teenage classroom. Promoting 21st Century skills for the modern learner, BBC content focuses on:

  • developing knowledge of other cultures
  • collaboration in project work
  • communication skills

How to join and prepare for Pearson and BBC Live Classes

Digital Components

Extra Online Practice: motivating video-based interactive activities for every unit with extra language revision material and access to all videos and audio.

My English Lab: Interactive Online Workbook with different tools and functionalities available to students and teachers.

Student’s eBook: full Students’ Book in digital format with embedded audio and video material.

Active Teach: a front-of-class presentation tool available offline, with everything teachers need on one disk or one USB!

Teacher’s CD-ROM: available with the Teacher’s Book, it includes at each level, class audio and video clips (with scripts), flashcards and extra teaching resources.

Scaffolded, step-by-step learning

GoGetter creates a supportive and positive learning environment through its step-by-step approach. GoGetter increases both understanding and language retention by:

  • utilising students' prior knowledge
  • providing clear structures, examples and staged activities

Achieve exam success

Practice activities in exam-style format are seamlessly integrated into lessons, providing students with practice so they can pass tests and achieve their goals.

The Workbook provides extra practice, plus additional online revision activities, which are available through Extra Online Practice.

The teacher's Test Book covers PTEYL and Cambridge exam-style tasks.

Assessment for learning

Assessment for Learning techniques are presented in all components of GoGetter, enabling students to focus better, understand what they're learning and to be more involved in their learning process.

This is done through:

  • setting aims/criteria for success
  • monitoring/giving feedback
  • peer learning
  • independent learning

For students

  • Students’ Book 
  • Students’ Book with MyEnglishLab and Extra
  • Online Homework 
  • Student’s eBook 
  • Workbook with Extra Online Homework 

For teachers

  • Teacher’s Book with DVD-ROM 
  • Active Teach 
  • Class Audio 
  • Tests