English resources for primary teachers

Kids all around the world are learning English with Pearson materials. Our courses help teachers motivate children, show evidence of progress to schools and parents, and achieve goals. There is something to fit every teaching need.

Big Fun

Starting with basic vocabulary and language, Big Fun teaches children English in the context of eight engaging themes. They learn about math, reading and writing readiness, values and nature as they practice motor skills and have fun doing creative projects. 


My Little Island

My Little Island takes students on an exciting fantasy-island adventure through their pre-literacy years. Child-centred themes, catchy action-packed songs, highly visual stories, CLILand phonics awareness lessons develop the cognitive, emotional, and social skills of the whole learner. 


Ricky The Robot

What? A robot in the classroom?! Through stories and games with interactive illustrations and a variety of digital materials, Ricky makes English come to life. Parents can join in the fun at home when children share what they’ve learned using their own Ricky ROM!