My Life

By Pupi Rabinovich, Andrea Dumas and Carlos González

The ideal blend: ease of use + innovation!

For classes with 1- 3 periods per week, My Life introduces engaging up-to-the-minute topics, real-life issues and clearly-structured lessons reflecting the lives and preferences of modern teenagers.

My Life’s tried-and-tested methodology, combined with the Student’s e-kit and theTeacher’s e-Portfolio, engage learners in collaborative learning experiences and digital tasks to consolidate learning and foster their creativity and motivation. 

My Life presents themes that students love through fascinating and awe provoking input texts that motivate students’ curiosity, make language memorable, and promote discussion and meaningful interchange.

- A Photo story introduces the unit theme and key unit vocabulary and grammar.

- Graded grammar practice exercises manage challenge to promote confidence.

High-interest texts and dialogues help students develop reading and listening skills, and provide the input for further language and vocabulary extension and practice.

- Use your English sections focus on typical communicative functions and provide models and guidance for oral interaction and personalisation.

- An EDB - Explore Develop Build - lesson at the end of each unit consolidates language and integrates skills, and guides students into project making, with possible digital outcome.

- A Picture Dictionary in Starter Level and Level 1, and a Mini Dictionary in Levels 2 and 3 foster student independence.

- A Time Out Mag provides magazine-style content for extended reading and for personalised production, ideal for early finishers and mixed-ability groups.

The Built-in-Workbook offers:

- Tried-and-tested approach and game-like contexts for vocabulary and language practice.

- Check your Progres sections.

The Student’s e-kit motivates students and keeps them active and focused. 

- Online interactive activities and games with instant feedback relate to students’ current forms of entertainment.

- Regular Self-Assessment exercises.

- Grammar and vocabulary pop-up notes as a self-learning resource provide an interactive feature that promotes a sense of success and achievement.

- Digital projects and tasks get students to learn to collaborate, perform and comply with tasks.

- A voice recording tool provides a fun way to develop students’ fluency.MP3 workbook audio files engage learners in learning English at home.

Teacher’s Resource Book, including:

  • Going Digital: a practical introduction to the use of technology in the classroom.
  • Digital Connections, tips in every lesson for extension or early finishers.
  • On-going and progressive assessment resources.
  • Digital projects for every unit in the SB.Editable Planificación Digital.
  • Step-by-step task development.Printable worksheets.
  • e-Teacher’s Resource Book with audio and web links.
  • Tests for you to adapt to your specific students’ needs.


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For pupils

- Student’s Book + Built-in Workbook
- Online Workbook Audio Files
- e-portfolio

For teachers

- Teachers' resource book
- Online Class Audio
- e-portfolio