What's up?

Cathy MyersDidi, LymanSarah, JacksonSilvia, Carolina Tiberio and María Alicia Maldonado

What’s new? 

New design: updated, clear and simple with 100% new photos. 

New structure: 100% new readings, 80% new activities, all integrated in each thematic unit as well as more Writing production. 

New contextualisation: a spiral structure helps contextualise learning, linguistic content and activities. 

New Projects: each new project can be achieved online or offline. Students will be guided about how to achieve their goals throughout the units.

New CLIL and CULTURE sections: every 2 units, one page on social and cultural themes. Students relate to their own experience and local reality. 

New self-assessment section: with our new Let’s wrap it up! section, the student can review and reaffirm his knowledge.  

New Interactive Student’s and Teacher’s book: free access to interactivity for students and teachers. More fun for students, closer follow-up for teachers, who can see their students’ progress by units or competencies, upload their own material or organise homework tasks from the online class they have generated. Watch out! The Interactive Student´s book can be used online and offline.

Social Emotional Learning 
As teachers, we know the key role emotions play in any learning process. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) helps us develop a positive atmosphere in the classroom, allowing a systematic nurturing of life skills for our students. Let’s help our students tap into and embrace their passions, regulate their emotions, achieve positive outcomes, and improve their communication and problem-solving skills. 
By incorporating SEL into the classroom, we bridge the mind and the heart, thoughts and emotions, while offering a “more comprehensive” educational approach to our teaching. 

What’s Up? app 

Do you feel like playing while practising and learning English? Well… Get any of your mobile devices, download our What’s Up? app and discover our brand new What’s Up? 3rd edition. Go for it! 

Learn more whatsup.pearsonelt.com.ar


For students

- Student’s Book with Workbook 
- Interactive Student’s Book 
- Extra Practice & Fast Finishers Book 
- Grammar Quick Check 
- Online Workbook Audio Files 
- What’s Up? App 
- QR Codes to use with Smartphones in class. 

For teachers

- Downloadable Teacher’s Book with Extra Practice & Readings. 
- Access to Interactivity to follow students’ progress, upload material or assign homework, amongst other things. 
- Online Class & Workbook audio files.