By Brian Abbs and Ingrid Freebairn 

Don't wait for tomorrow, learn English TODAY!

TODAY! Shapes learning around the individual

• Graded difficulty practice for mixed ability classes in the Activity Book

• Optional activities in the Pick and Mix (magazine) section for fast finishers

• Extra support for students with learning difficulties - tips in the Teacher’s Book - workshop Coping with Learning Difficulties in Teacher’s Resources - remedial worksheets for weaker students - extension tests for stronger students - specially adapted tests for students with dyslexia

TODAY! Motivates by using modern tools

• Teachers’ eText for Interactive Whiteboards with interactive activities, integrated audio and video and additional games, teaching is made easier for the teacher and more engaging for the student.

• MyEnglishLab - homework management tool with interactive practice exercises from the print Activity Book that are automatically graded. MEL gives teachers instant access to gradebook to see how students are progressing.

Helps students to use English TODAY!

• Authentic characters come to life in interactive video clips. Video is an integral part of the course. The video elements can be accessed on the eText or using a DVD player.

• Fun Grammar and Pronunciation videos - all the grammar boxes are animated on video. The Pronunciation video with native speaker saying the rhyme to illustrate the correct pronunciation.

• Carefully staged Communication and Writing lessons

Learn more

For pupils

• Student’s Book
• Activity Book
• Also available Student’s Book with MyEnglishLab

For teachers

• Teacher’s Book
• Teacher’s eText
• Class Audio CD
• Request your free Teacher’s MEL Access code.
• Extra grammar worksheets