Next Move

By Carolyn Barraclough and Katherine Stannett 

Preparing the next generation for new skills and new goals

• Crystal-clear methodology and structure make the course easy to teach while providing students with clear and accessible goals.
• Great cross-curricular content throughout the course provides realistic training in using English for other areas of the curriculum.
• Constant focus on real world connections and profiles, giving students access to fascinating cross-cultural content and studies of their peers around the world.
• Comprehensive training in 21st Century skills and competences, such as information literacy, critical and creative thinking, or collaborative work.
• A wealth of extra practice material online and in the Extra Practice Book where your students will get loads of listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary activities as well as videos

From first steps to last… language improves in leaps and bounds!

Your student’s ideal guide for their language learning journey.

With its structured, multi-level approach and following a carefully-constructed path of 21st century learning, this course leaves all students thoroughly prepared to make their Next Move… inspired to reach for new heights!

NEXT MOVE is a 21st Century course focused on building English language skills for today’s students.

Today’s students are different. They are ‘Digital Natives’, born in an era of websites, social media, testing and gaming. Phew, we get tired just thinking about it! But that’s how they relate to the world, using technology to express themselves, collaborate and learn. It’s exciting to be able to communicate so extensively and be part of a global community, especially when you are learning a new language.

Who is it for?

Classes needing up-to-date themes showcasing great role models and integrated cross-curricula material, Next Move progresses students quickly, offering a straight-forward two-page per lesson approach supporting the modern classroom environment and the varied interests and abilities of teenagers today.

MyEnglishLab Next Move

Wish you had more time to focus on your communicative lessons?

MyEnglishLab provides enriched learning online, with activities that are instantly graded and correlated to your Next Move course. This frees up your time (no more marking-it’s all done automatically!) so now you can decide what to concentrate on during class time and use your time more effectively

Wish you could support your students even when they’re doing homework?

The tips and hints in MyEnglishLab direct students to reference material that will help them complete exercises and provide learning opportunities by encouraging students to work out the answers for themselves.

Now you can offer each one of students the special attention you want them to have...

When your students use MyEnglishLab for online practice, you instantly get access to a wide range of useful diagnostic tools. Automated Common Error reports (for individual students or the whole class) and instant feedback on all activities plus model answers will help you focus on the real needs of your students.

Make your Next Move class stand out from the rest

MyEnglishlab gives you the flexibility to assign tasks to the whole class, groups, or individual students to help them reach their goals effectively

How will my Students get access to MyEnglishLab?

The MyEnglishLab is sold as a package together with the Students' Book.

How will I get access to MyEnglishLab?

Request your free Teacher’s Access code at your local Pearson office.

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For pupils

- Student’s Book
- Workbook with MP3 Audio
- Also available Student’s Book with MEL

For teachers

- Class Audio CD
- ActiveTeach
- Teacher’s Book with Multi ROM
- Request your free Teacher’s MEL Access code