New Challenges

By Michael Harris, Amanda Harris, David Mower, Anna Sikorzynska and Lindsay White 

A new challenge builds confidence...

- Highly-respected author team responsible for a whole series of highly-popular secondary courses for Spain in recent years.

- Strong modular thematic content and stories promoting positive values.

- Lots of opportunites for motivating extension activities, creative writing and project work.

As educational and information driven as its predecessor, New Challenges offers new interactive components, new strong themes and photo stories, and a lighter, which makes it a more manageable pathway from primary to secondary.

New Challenges helps students become more effective learners and better citizens of the world. Through stimulating and engaging contexts and lively achievable tasks, New Challenges encourages young teens to think about the world around them and builds their confidence to participate, create, and perform.

The varied text-rich lessons in New Challenges engage young teens for the first time with real-life issues in a non-patronizing and age-appropriate way.

- Stimulating and performance-focused tasks involve students in citizen education, intercultural issues, and topics related to science, technology and history.

- Regular Across Cultures lessons and projects promote understanding and collaboration.

- Personalisation helps students explore and forge their unique values and identity.

New Challenges offers teachers a solid syllabus to equip students with strong language, and learning and thinking skills.

- A balanced and integrated skills programme prepares students for exam success. Levels 1 and 2 prepare students for Cambridge ESOL’s KET exam, while Levels 3 and 4 cover all the key objectives for PET.

- The Student´s CD-ROM offers further exam specific practice.
Educational throughout: New Challenges provides a smooth development of higher order thinking skills.

- Meaningful and engaging contexts and tasks provide solid grammar and vocabulary practice. The unique Picture Dictionary and Word Lists are useful tools for vocabulary learning activities.

- A Time Out Magazine, games, quizzes, and personalization tasks keep students active and enhance their confidence and performance.

- A comprehensive speaking and writing syllabus reinforces fluency and rehearses language, learning and thinking skills in the Your Challenge sections.


New Challenges ActiveTeach offers an Interactive version of the Students’ Book suitable for using with any IWB or simply with a computer and projector which allows teachers to integrate class and workbook audio, video and interactive activities based on games, word lists, and the Picture Dictionary apart from PDFs of the video workbooks, and Test Masters and audio.

For students

• Student’s Book
• Workbook with online audio

For teachers

• Class Audio CD
• Active Teach
• Teacher’s handbook with Multi-Rom