Speakout 2nd Edition

By Antonia Clare, Frances Eales, Steve Oakes and J.J. Wilson

See what makes Speakout 2nd edition so special and how Speakout 2nd edition fully supports your teaching experience

See in what ways Speakout 2nd edition syllabus has been tailored for Spanish-speaking learners of English.
One of the priorities of the Speakout authors in writing Speakout 2nd edition was to find out what Spanish learners need to express themselves confidently in a real English-speaking environment.

In response to teachers' feedback, this new edition includes the new Speakout Study Boosters, extra practice material for self study, including tips and explanations on the challenges faced by Spanish learners of English as well as a whole range of additional grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and writing practice directly related to the Student's Books.

Speakout Extra

A complete bank of additional resources designed to help you maximize your valuable teaching time, providing all the materials you need to boost your teaching experience and to help your students achieve their language goals.

Speakout Extra provides additional worksheets directly related to the content of the Student's Book. Ideal for use in class or for homework, the Extra material can be used to meet learners individual needs and to personalize their learning journey.

This unbeatable range of supplementary materials consists of:

- Extra practice of Grammar, Vocabulary,

- Pronunciation, Writing, Listening and Reading.

- DVD Extra, providing extra video exploitation activities to help learners get the most out of the Speakout BBC clips.

For the students

Students' Book with DVD-ROM
Every unit has a spread based on a BBC video clip. Each lesson consolidates language and leads to extended speaking and writing tasks.
• 10 or 12 units with 90 to 120 hours of teaching material.
• Comprehensive Language Bank with detailed explanations and extra practice.
• Photo bank to expand vocabulary.
• Audio and video scripts.
• Clear instructions make teaching and learning easier.
• Class audio material.
• BBC video clips and BBC interviews build learners' confidence and ability to deal with authentic language

MyEnglishLab provides a fully blended and personalised learning environment for students.
• Online interactive Workbook with instant feedback and automatic gradebook to assess students' progress.
• Tips and feedback encourage students to work out answers themselves.
• Extends learning outside the classroom.

For the teacher

Teacher's Book with Resource and Assessment Disc Teacher's notes for every unit include warmers, fillers, alternative suggestions, culture notes and
answer keys.

The Assessment disc allows you to assess and track students' progress with a full range of printable and customizable tests.
• Tips on teaching grammar, lexis, pronunciation, and using video.
• Photocopiable grammar, vocabulary and functional language worksheets.
• Class audio and video scripts.
• Unit and achievement tests.
• Mid and end of course tests.
• Test audio, audio scripts and answer keys.

Bring the course alive in the classroom. Integrated whiteboard software allows you to add notes, have files embed and save your work, reducing preparation time.
• Reveal answers to exercises from the Student's book and the Workbook at the touch of a button.
• Time coded scripts integrated into audio and video content.
• Easy navigation around the Language Bank and Photo Bank.
• Extra resources in every unit: editable scripts, worksheets and tests.
• Grammar and vocabulary review games.
• Useful tools include a regular keyboard, an interactive phonetic chart, a stopwatch and score card.

MyEnglishLab allows you to customise the course and saves you time with access to a bank of ready made materials.
• Assign homework to individuals, groups or the whole class.
• A common error report highlights mistakes and informs teaching.
• Extra practice in grammar, vocabulary and skills.
• Unit and achievement tests.
• Mid and end of course tests.
• Interactive exercises for BBC interviews.

Class Audio CDs
• Audio material for use in class.