Online homework with instant marking

MyEnglishLab offers hours of online English practice for students, with instant marking and reporting for teachers. Choose from over 250 titles to either accompany your Pearson course, or as additional training for students.

Enriched Learning 

MyEnglishLabs are online components designed to complement your favourite English language course from Pearson. Whether you need to extend the contact hours you have with your students, make homework a more meaningful exercise, or want deeper insight into the areas in which your students need more practice, MyEnglishLabs are the solution. 

Informed Teaching

When your students are using MyEnglishLab, you instantly have access to a wide range of diagnostic tools. The information that these tools provide ensures that valuable classroom time is spent on activities that meet the real needs of your students. 

Flexible Solutions

As soon as you have created your MyEnglishLab course, students can register and practise where and when they want. Designed to meet the specific requirements of your teaching situation, in just a few clicks, you can choose the activities and tests for your students to complete. Tasks can be set to be completed by a certain date, or students can be allowed to practise at their own pace.