Level Test


Age: 14+


All levels (CEFR<A1-C2; GSE 10-90) – in a single, adaptive test


Length: 30 mins – Level Test 20 mins – Level Test (3 Skills)

When: Anytime

Where: Online, at home or in the classroom*

Admin platform: Pearson English assessment portal


Marked by: Pearson English AI technology

Results returned: Usually within minutes


Benchmark Test Suitable for any course

Level Test

Place your students in the right class for their level and get your teaching off to a flying start – in 20 to 30 minutes.

This fast, effective test gives the information you need to stream your new students and target your teaching straight away.

The start of a course is one of the busiest times for teachers – and sorting new students into classes by ability can prove one of the most complex and time‑consuming tasks.

But for the conscientious teacher there is no room for mistakes. If a new student is placed into the wrong class, it can have a significant impact on their confidence and longer‑term progress.

The Pearson English Level Test removes the time, stress and risk of human error involved in creating, administering and marking tests.

Fast, reliable and highly cost-effective, it gives you data you can trust and ensures new learners’ needs are met from Day 1.

The Level Test is powered by Pearson English’s market‑leading artificial intelligence technology. It is administered through a powerful assessment portal, which offers a complete solution to help you track and compare results within a single ecosystem – for successful lifelong learning.

Why Choose the Level Test?

Fast and efficient

The Pearson English Level Test delivers high quality data about your new students in the fastest time possible. This cost-effective test saves you time and resources, and gives reliable, auto-scored information in minutes.With a simple onboarding model, the test assesses Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in 30 minutes. Level Test (3 Skills) is delivered in 20 minutes, omitting the Speaking part of the assessment.

Powerful, flexible format

Delivered online, the Pearson English Level Test can be administered to any number of students at any starting level.

Its adaptive format means there is just one test, which continually adjusts in difficulty according to the answers the student gives.This format nurtures students’ confidence while gently pushing their limits, enabling them to perform at their best and so deliver a reliable assessment of their abilities.

Real English, real results

This test assesses authentic, integrated English language skills in authentic contexts. A broad range of question types include listen-and-respond and comprehension exercises.Results provide a CEFR half-band and corresponding GSE range. A skills profile gives a high-level breakdown of student abilities, giving you vital insights to get your students streamed and your teaching underway with ease.

A complete assessment solution

The test works alongside the Pearson English Benchmark Test to first place students, and then track their learning progress in detail.

Both tests are administered through a state‑of-the-art portal that not only allows you to manage tests and the results, but through its smart tagging system, also allows you the flexibility to measure student performance throughout the learning journey

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