Type of Test:

Proficiency and progress


Age: 14+

Level: All levels (CEFR <A1-C2; GSE 10-90). 4 test levels available for CEFR bands A, B1, B2, C.


Length: 45 mins

When: Anytime

Where: Online, at home or in the classroom*

Admin platform: Pearson English assessment portal


Marked by: Pearson English AI technology

Results returned: Within minutes


Level Test Suitable for any course

Benchmark Test

Gain thorough insight into your students’ skills, measure their progress in detail and receive targeted direction for your teaching – in just 45 minutes.

The perfect companion to any English teaching programme, measuring progress in detail and offering tailored direction for both students and teachers.

Every language learning journey is unique. The Benchmark Test from Pearson English takes the time, complexity and subjectivity out of the assessment process, making it quick and easy to measure real progress – thoroughly, accurately and consistently.

Backed by years of expert research, this straightforward yet powerful tool can be used alongside any English course, delivering the clarity, personal guidance andmotivation to smooth and accelerate the journey to fluency.

Use the Benchmark Test across all students, classes, levels and even schools, to gain comparative insights that can help to optimise your entire teaching programme.

The Benchmark Test is powered by Pearson English’s market-leading artificial intelligence technology and administered through a powerful assessment portal, which offers, a complete solution that helps you to track and compare results within a single English proficiency assessment ecosystem – for successful, lifelong learning.

Why Choose the Benchmark Test?

Fast, efficient and easy to use

Fitting neatly into a 45‑minute lesson, this test has been designed to give the most useful information about your students’ language progress in a way that enhances, rather tan disrupts, the learning process.

As long as test takers have a computer, headset and Internet connection, the test can even be taken at home – and results are returned in minutes.

Rich insights and direction

The Benchmark Test thoroughly assesses Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing, with clear, at-a-glance visual and numerical data returned for individuals and groups, as well as more detailed descriptions of ability in each skill.

The results also include tailored study guidance for each student, and recommendations for teachers on how to focus their classes, with direction to the specific courseware and activities that can help.

Accurate and reliable

Backed by Pearson’s leading artificial intelligence scoring technology, the Benchmark Test offers a choice of levels to support all students: A, B1, B2 or C. Questions focus on abilities relevant to that level to provide detailed, reliable results.

A complete assessment solutionThe Benchmark Test works alongside the Pearson English Level Test to track student progress in detail after having placed them in the correct class based on their abilities.

Tests are administered and results managed via our state-of-the-art assessment portal. Through its smart tagging system, this powerful platform also allows you to measure performance flexibly across students, classes and teaching programmes, and throughout the learning journey.

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