Preparing for English exams

Pearson ELT help your students perform at their best on all major English exams. Ranging from beginner to advanced levels, our materials aim to help improve English exam performance while also improving English skills.

Whether your students are preparing for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, PTE or the Cambridge English exam suite, our materials can help. Of course, we also provide the official materials for Pearson Test of English General.

Pearson Test of English

Our international Tests of English, Pearson Tests of English, are communicative tests that assess English usage in realistic and authentic contexts. They focus on real life situations, by building skills and grammar oriented towards communication. 

In each level our exams assess Listening comprehension, Reading skills, Writing and Speaking. The four language skills are tested by topic-based activities, and are related one with the other so as to bring coherence to the whole evaluation system. All topic-based activities are carefully adapted to the level and age of the students.


Pearson Tests of English


Reassure your students with the integrated exam tips and strategies as well as the regular view sections.Build your students’ writing and speaking skills with the thorough, step-by-step skills development activities.Assure your students of exam success with a huge amount of practice and tips in the Students' Resource Book, including grammar, vocabulary extension, exam tasks and an audio CD.


Gold Experience

Experience the fun in learning English

Fast-paced, cool and engaging – Gold Experience will motivate your teenage students with its varied, age-appropriate topics and activities.
Contexts such as the internet, social media, television and magazines are relevant to teenagers' lives and content-rich CLIL topics help your students learn about the world.



The trusted Gold series takes students from Preliminary to Advanced level, helping build their confidence and develop natural speaking skills in English every step of the way.       


Practice Tests Plus

The New Edition of Practice Tests Plus offer students solid skills development and practice, by providing comprehensive guidance and tips. Students and Teachers can rely on the invaluable Speaking and Writing Files in the book, which provide an invaluable bank of useful language and model answers. 


Focus Exam Booklets

Focus is the first upper secondary course to offer a separate material devoted particularly to exam
As part of the course, you’ll find Exam Preparation
Booklets for PTE General and Cambridge Exams.


Wider World Exam Booklets

Intensive practice and support for important international exams.


Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Test

This new edition gives students all the tools they need to succeed on the new TOEFL(R) iBT integrated-skills test. Providing both a comprehensive language-skills course and a wealth of practice materials for all sections of the test, the Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT(R) Test, Third Edition is appropriate for courses in TOEFL test preparation or as a supplement to more general ESL courses. 


MyEnglishLab for Cambridge exams

MyEnglishLab Cambridge offers complete practice for the Cambridge English exams (levels Preliminary, First and Advanced), ensuring students have a better chance of succeeding.​



The first ever online, fully automated and institutionally administered progress test. Progress accurately measures student progress in English, highlighting strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching.


Placement English Tests

Pearson English Placement delivers instant, accurate results, to place your students in the right English class - faster.


Versant English Placement

The Versant English Placement Test measures the listening, speaking, reading and writing profciency of individuals whose native language is not English. The test takes only 50 minutes with results available online within minutes, allowing For quick, yet accurate placement decisions. Test questions reflect many di²erent situations in the classroom and real world including reading aloud, conversations, dictations, summarisations, and email correspondence. 


English Benchmark

English Benchmark is the motivating English test for young learners delivered on a tablet.

Testing speaking, listening, reading and writing, it measures English proficiency through a fun, game-like test.

With detailed reporting available, English Benchmark gives you recommendations for what to teach next, based on students' scores.