Every two weeks, there will be an entry, be it an activity, an instruction, an illustration… It will be analysed focusing on the principles that underlie it.  Suggestions for further activities will also be included, as are possible adaptations for different age groups and levels of English.  You will find all this in ELT and Education.

As you go over the suggestions and principles analysed, further ideas will come to your mind that show how the principles are translated into classrooms. In the Teachers' Corner section we invite you to share these ideas with colleagues from different Latinamerica countries.

Our job of teachers is all about our learners. Helping them be proud of how much they are learning can be one of the most powerful motivating strategies one can think of.  In Students' Corner you can present your students’ work related to the principles and activities in the Teachers' Corner section.

El Rincón de los Padres

We know how important parents and families are in our students’ learning. Giving them the possibility to peep into what we do is a way to involve them, a way for them to understand how we can impact on their children’s education.

In El Rincón de los Padres, we will inform parents about the principles we are developing in ELT and EDUCATION, and we will suggest a way in which they can keep alive the link between school and home.

Because we believe in the power of reflection and collaboration, there will also be a live forum every month, moderated by different specialists in the field of ELT.  Teachers are invited to participate, to express their opinions and views, to contribute examples, i.e. to make their voices heard. There will be a recording of the Forum for those who cannot attend the live section.

We are thrilled to launch this campaign, and we look forward to being able to share ideas with you, with whom we share the joy and love of educating learners.